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Is Chewing Gum In South Pasadena, CA Good For Your Mouth?

OCT 14

History of Chewing Gum: Chewing gum has also been around since ancient times in various forms. Pastiche, or mastic tree sap, was chewed by the Greeks. The juice of the sapodilla tree was prized by the ancient Mayans (called tsiclte.) Native Americans in New England chewed spruce sap, a practice that European immigrants picked up….

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Myths And Facts About Fluoride In South Pasadena

OCT 07

Since the discovery of fluoride benefits on oral health in the mid 20th century, it has been the focus of interest for many public health scientists because of its benefits. Fluoride is a component usually present in bones, teeth in some amounts. But the topical application of fluorides has proven to be more beneficial, especially…

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